What in the World are Blog Disclaimers???

You Need A

After blogging for years as an unseasoned blogger, I suddenly learn that I need a disclaimer.  What in the world is a disclaimer and why do I need one?

First, what is a disclaimer?  Here is what dictionary had to say it’s a statement that denies something, especially responsibility.  Wait a minute. Can I  be held responsible for my thoughts and opinions?  What happened to freedom of speech?

Here is a great site for you to check out to learn more about disclaimers…raelyntan.com.  Below is a quote from her blog. On her page, you will also learn proper placement for the disclaimer.  She too breaks down what you need to include in your disclaimer.

A blog disclaimer is a legal statement to limit your liability and advise others that you cannot be held liable for information included on your blog. raelyntan

“Your blog disclaimer can be a short statement included in your blog’s footer or sidebar, a longer paragraph included on a separate page of your blog or a paragraph in your blog’s terms and conditions statement”.  raelyntan

This week I will work on my disclaimer using her helpful hints.  For now, I am using a generated disclaimer from a free site called Privacy Policy Online.  For today this will have to do.  This entire process seems a bit in-depth and complicated. One day I hope to adapt a disclaimer to fit each of my blogs individually.  To get it just right could take some time.  As I learn more, I will update you.  For now check out the sites I have provided, and hopefully it will help you get started too.

My question for you is, do you have a disclaimer on your blog?  How did you produce it?  Any helpful sites that you can recommend to help those of us who are learning?

Thanks and Happy Blogging!




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