From Blogger to WordPress

I have been blogging on Blogger for over 10 years. I have had a great time on blogger but found I had little control over what I wanted to do on the limited themes provided so I decided to move to WordPress.

There is so much involved in setting up a blog on wordpress. You need a web hosting service. I decided to go with Dream Host after reading reviews from numerous sites. Here is a site with suggested hosting services for WordPress. I can’t tell you now why I went with this one for my new site, it probably had to do with the cost. I can’t even tell you what server I am using on this site, that is how unseasoned I am.

After choosing your host site you have to get a domain and name that domain. Yes, there is a cost but the one I choose did not cost very much. My domain is Kathiey’s World and I have a .com address.

Now I am off to take an online class on WordPress Blogging. That will be my next post so stay tuned. Sign up to follow me to get updates on any new posts.

Happy Blogging!


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