I Love to Take Classes, Let’s Check Out Udemy!

I love to take classes. There is so much to learn about writing and blogging, and being as unseasoned as I am, I can use all the help I can get.

Lately, I have been taking a lot of classes on Udemy. Here you can take courses given by a variety of teachers on a variety of topics. My latest class, which I am still working on, is taught by Brad Schiff, a Web Developer. The name of the class is Word Press for Beginners-Create a Website Step by Step. I am finding it to be a very basic and understandable class. 

Word of advice…if you are planning to take a class, be sure to listen to the preview. Make sure the instructor’s voice is one you can tolerate. I remember signing up for a course once, not realizing I could preview the class. I could barely understand the instructor, and it was a total waste of time. You can get your money back if it does not work for you. There is a specific time frame for that, and I believe it is 30 days. I have only requested my money back once. The reason being the course was not as the description portrayed it.

There is one instructor on Udemy that I like but I can barely listen to him. He has great ideas and insight but he is continuously lip-smacking. This habit to me is hugely irritating. Each time he smacks, I cringe, although I have thought it would make a great drinking game.

Another word of advice. Udemy frequently has sales. You may see several classes you want to take, and many will be $75-$100+. I never buy those. I wait for their sales, which are usually around $12, and I save a lot of money.

Happy Writing and Blogging Everyone!


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