A Basic Understanding of the Editorial Calendar for Bloggers

Let’s talk about The Editorial Calendar as it relates to blogs.

What is an editorial calendar you ask? According to Convince and Convert it is…

“An editorial calendar, borrowed from the traditional publishing world, is an actual calendar outlining high-level, thematic frameworks to show when your overarching content should be scheduled throughout the year.” 

Here is how I interrupt this information. The editorial calendar is a planning calendar. Many would say you should have a plan six months to a year out. This calendar would assist you in future planning.

I found this excellent article suggesting content to add to your editorial calendar. The article is called 103 Content Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar as found on Convince and Convert. As I look over this list of suggestions, I see many ideas that I may add to my calendar. A few that interest me are lists, how-tos, and quotes.

When planning my outline for future posts on an editorial calendar, I am already beginning to think about themes. I have many constants on my blogs, such as devotionals, travel, food, stress relief, and journaling. I can see how it would be helpful to have planned the specific days that a thematic post should be published.

Here is an example as I understand it, my editorial calendar would show that I would have a post related to, for example, “stress relief” on a specific day. Whereas my content calendar would be specific as to my post, such as “Need Stress Relief? Try Meditation.”

I hope we all have a better understanding of the editorial calendar. I feel I have the jest of it now. It is now time to start to outline my next year to 6 months of blogging for all of my blogs. I hope you join me in this adventure.

Happy writing and blogging!


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