Help! I Can’t Find The LogIn Page for WordPress!!!

Most of you are probably not as “unseasoned” as I am. I struggle with the most basic of things when it comes to blogging. One thing that has driven me a bit crazier than I already am is finding the login page for my WordPress website.

For me, the difficulty is not the signing in but finding the sign in page. I have spent time searching on google for the page and found no direct link to solve my problem. The other day I searched for probably twenty minutes for a specific page and then became frustrated and said out loud, “There must be an easier way!”

To find the answer I went to google and searched “how to login to my wordpress admin page”.

Here is the answer. In you search engine put your websites name plus /admin/ or /login/


Both of the examples worked for me. I have also bookmarked the login page for easier access.

Hope this helps!

Kathiey V


  1. This has happened to me a few times, especially when people use the native WP commenting plug-in and I have to log in to comment on their page and I have forgotten. I have a problem right now and that I used to help people admin their WP websites and sometimes the Username and Login is for an old account and not my current one and I can’t seem to get the right one connected! Ahhhhh technology!


  2. I know Andi, technology is a love hate relationship. I am trying to lean how to format an ebook now and it is driving me crazy but I will keep searching for the answers I need. Have a great day and thanks for the comment:-)


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