What is A Widget vs A Plugin

The plugin helps us add new features to our website. If you find you want to do something that is not on the standard website page, if you add a specific plugin, you may accomplish your goal using a plugin.

There are thousands of plugins. According to the class I am taking on Udemy, you should go to Plugins and then search for what you want, and many options will pop up. The instructor says to be aware of the number of “active installs” shown at the bottom left of each option. A high number is evidence that it is working for many people, so maybe it will work for you.

Whenever I encounter a problem, I usually do a Google search for the needed widget or plugin to solve my problem. I usually find an answer that at least helps a little and sometimes a lot! I did find a plugin that helped me today as I was blogging. I will tell you about it in the next post.

Hope this helps.


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