Playing With Hootsuite

As you know from my prior post HootSuite is a Social Media Management Platform. Is It Something I Need? that I have been experimenting with the free version of HootSuite.

As I understand it, you can have 3 social media sites connected to your account with the free version. I have linked my Twitter Account, and it seems to be working fine. I have three “streams” that I can see at a glance which is nice. I have my feed, my tweets, and my Twitter mentions.

Facebook is a different story. I was able to link my timeline stream but I was unable to see what others were posting. I though that was odd so I did a google search and found that currently that linking to your facebook feed is not a possibility.

Someone asked this question on the facebook Hootsuite page and here was the reply,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reach out to us on Facebook. My name is Lindsay and I will be happy to assist you. Unfortunately the ability to add a News Feed from Facebook to your Hootsuite account is not currently available. I have provided a link below to show you changes Facebook have made their current API.…/204601160-Important-Update…We appreciate your patience and understanding. Kind regards,Lindsay | Customer Advocate |

For me this is an issue because you are supposed to be able to monitor your social media from one place but to see what is happening on you main page you need to go to facebook which wastes precious time.

The other social media platform I am trying to connect is my Instagram page. I have having a lot of difficulty doing this. I am totally confused but it seems that Facebook owns Instagram and in order to link to my Instagram on Hootsuite I need to have a business facebook page. I my be totally misreading this but I will continue to try and update you on any progress I make. If you have any advice for me I would appreciate your help.

I was trying to post using Hootsuite. I could easily post to Twitter but was unable to post to Facebook. At this point, I will not be purchasing the paid version. I will play with it a bit longer before I give up.

Happy Blogging Everyone!

Kathiey V.

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