About Page

Welcome to the Unseasoned Blogger About Page.  So, what is it all about, you ask?  I don’t know if I can give you a specific answer to your question, but I will try.Kathiey and Brodie

My name is Kathiey, and I have been blogging for over 10 years.  Has it been successful?  The answer to that is yes and no.  Yes, in the fact that it helped me focus on the things I enjoyed in life and through my blog I was able to share my experiences.  No, in the fact that it is far from lucrative.

I have recently started a WordPress blog with the same name, Kathiey’s World.  I decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress so I could have more control over the content that I share.

I started this blog, The Unseasoned Blogger,  to document what is working and what is not working for me as I set up and attempt to expand my followers on my Lifestyle Blog.  I would also like to find ways to make some money through blogging and I plan to share my attempts here, so maybe as I am learning you can benefit.

I am also in the process of writing my second book, and I am slowly working on a few e-books.  I am an unseasoned writer also but I will share what I learn on this site in regard to writing as well.

So come along with me on this blogging and writing journey.   If you have any advice for me I would love if you would share it and I will pass it onto others.

Happy Blogging and Writing,